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GenSynthは、顧客企業が持つDNNモデルとデータセットをGenSynthへセットするだけで、GenSynth内にあるAIが最適化されたDNNモデルを自動生成します。 この最適化されたモデルは、オリジナルモデルの精度を担保しながら、劇的なサイズ圧縮を実現します。 Vlc vulnerability
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AI has been the focus of research for more than 30 years. During this time, major advances have been made in this area of technology: for example, more powerful hardware and software and improved...

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DarwinAI claims that its GenSynth Explain can help shine a light into the box, helping humans understand why an AI system is suggesting a course of action. “Explainability is a critical challenge in our industry,” Lee Ritholtz, director and chief architect of applied artificial intelligence at Lockheed Martin, said.

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Aug 29, 2018 · The AI powering self-driving cars has big hurdles to overcome The limits of current AI technology for self-driving cars became evident in a recent story shared by DarwinAI, a Toronto, Canada AI company. One of the company’s clients is an autonomous car company, which discovered that its cars would suddenly turn left for no apparent reason.

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The company’s GenSynth platform helps developers “generate compact yet powerful AI that sits completely on board, so that data can be processed in real-time on a device,” Wong says. It is being used in combination with today’s much more powerful AI acceleration chips for mobile devices and edge computing devices that will process data ...

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In this joint industrial case study between AEV and DarwinAI, we explore the efficacy of the GenSynth AI-assisted AI design platform for accelerating the design of custom, optimized deep neural ...

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ユビキタスAIコーポレーションは、DarwinAIが開発したディープラーニングモデル最適化プラットフォーム「GenSynth」を2020年2月28日に販売開始したことを発表します。 画像1: 「GenSynth」使用イメージ ディープラーニング開発を取り巻く環境 ディープラーニング活用の場は日々増加しており、関連 ...

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GenSynth automatically generates high performance neural networks for any use case in days, saving months of development effort. Deploy AI Anywhere GenSynth's neural networks are highly compact and optimized, so you can deploy them on the edge or in the cloud.

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DarwinAI aide les entreprises à mettre en place des technologies d’IA auxquelles elles peuvent faire confiance. Sa plateforme exclusive d’IA explicable, GenSynth, peut générer automatiquement un réseau neuronal profond pour tout cas d’usage tout en permettant de satisfaire aux exigences opérationnelles.

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ユビキタスAIコーポレーション: 日本: 通信ソフトウェアの開発・ライセンス提供: ディープラーニングのモデルサイズを削減するプラットフォーム「GenSynth(ジェンソン)」を提供。 PAIR 不明

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